IndyMac – New Name – Same Asshats

Consistently Asshats!

One last try before I call it quits

Since my wife being disable by the last of three heat attacks / strokes last October I have once again gotten to the point that I needed help with my mortgage. Unfortunately my mortgage holder is IndyMac. Yep! these are the same people that had all sorts of major issues, US government fraud and indictments, before they were conveniently sold to OneWest Bank. Yep! They got problems too! Having tangled with them a few years back on a 9 month sojourn into a web of four complete submissions of paperwork, purported lost paperwork, agents that out and out lied, and an eventual no help given result. I am now going to try one last time to get a “reasonable” response.

Let me start by injecting my own take on this. With the severe crash of the housing market engineered by the loan bankers, you would think that after all the damning press and subsequent investigations and legal indictments, that the housing lenders would take some responsibility and make some good faith adjustments in favor of all the lives they screwed up. Nope! Even after a government mandate. Nope! And on top of that the US government sells off the prime offender, IndyMac, into private hands. At a significant discount and with a special FDIC deal not given to the other bad boy lenders. They proceed to quickly turn a profit on a supposedly financially failing group. While the name has changed the core organization and their well documented predatory and unscrupulous tactics have not!
If you head over to these two sites you will see the preditable pattern of how they continue to do business. And pay attention to the dates because you will quickly see that it is all the same, many years apart.

Take a quick read here to get a better view of their crapass tactics.

Now under the name of OneWest, it turns out they haven’t even bothered to change their ,name, phone numbers or tactics. This has turned out to be SSDD [Same Sh#t, Different Day!] When I first approached them in late October it was offered to help with a loan modification and a HAMP program application. After filling out the package that they sent me and submitting it COMPLETELY, I patiently waited for some response and/or assistance. It has become readily apparent that things have not changed a bit. By the time mid-January rolled around I had been rejected 4 times for “missing” documentation! Now, this is where I get confused, I would call in to the “Customer Support” line and get hooked up with operator XXX and ask about the rejection notice. Without fail, the operator/customer service rep would bring up the file and see that all the docs were indeed there. Not being a rocket scientist, if I were to believe what they say on the phone, that means that they did have them and they weren’t “missing”. It really  gets to the point that you wonder if they are telling you the truth and not play off of the corporate sanctioned script of misinformation and misdirection. They have done it before and I don’t see that changing.Now after a couple of these scenarios I insisted on talking to the “assessors” that were purportedly the ones reviewing these docs, after a bit of misdirection and disconnects, I was finally able to speak to someone who claimed to be the “Assessor”. After posing the simple question as to whether it was, in fact, all there the response I got that time was that ,Yes it was all there.

Now keep in mind this whole evolution from submission to response is advertised to take 60 days. That is 2 months by my calendar. Something I want to  add to this scenario is that every time it was rejected for whatever reason another submission package appeared in the mail.  Now it gets good, not like it wasn’t already but it gets goofy! Mid January after the 4 rejections it was told to me that I had submitted the WRONG package! Say What! I called back to inquire on how this was possible. I had all 5 of the packages, the initial package copies and 4 subsequent mailings, sitting directly in front of me on this call. Here is what I was told, the package was not the right one because they had changed the package. Cool, no biggie. So I thought. When cornered as to how to identify this NEW package I was told to look on this one particular page for 4 check boxes instead of 3. Low and behold I only had 3 on ALL of mine.

They had sent me the wrong package 5 times! And when I asked about how to get the CORRECT package I had them  email one while I was on the phone. After opening it up it did have 4 check boxes. DAMN. After vocalizing that it was pretty crappy [nice version] of them to send me the WRONG paperwork 5 times I was summarily told that I would have to resubmit the whole package on the NEW forms! And NO i could not just send the changed page. This is after 3 months of phone calls and inquiries that never once eluded to this problem.. Just the normal crap about lost paperwork, ya da, ya da, ya da … And as it is easy to put together the pieces, the process starts all over again!

End of segment 1! More to come stay tuned I just got a new chapter today!


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