I don’t care where you came from! Welcome to the USA! Well …kinda.

This isn’t the old country

Things are different here. That’s why you came! Remember?!

This whole Boston Bombing thing has got a whole bunch of people cranked up for all sorts of reasons. Some good, some not so good. And with the event having  some ethnic and religious components it has created an environment that not only gets you thinking about life as we know it here in the US but also how we are viewed by other countries and ethnic groups.

I must admit that I have had my own enlightenment during this speed course in the modern web society. The modern age of technology  was brought  to the forefront with all of the  personal phone footage, the use of Facebook and Twitter for both information gathering and for sharing. Here is what I gleaned so far from this ever evolving event.

In the early hours of this bombing investigation the authorities managed to quickly not only winnow down the possible suspects but to pin it down to the two suspects amazingly quickly. And as a sidebar result the media immediately scoured up the family and relatives, both here and abroad. And as a inevitable result they were able to contact them and get them to speak publicly.I have included the segment from my previous blog entry.

The conversation with convict mom Here , the confused father Here, the ex-lawyer Canadian Aunt Here and Here

Now, here is where my enlightenment began. We all saw the interviews with the angry uncle and the father, mom and aunt that all professed “conspiracy” and  “a setup”. On first take it appeared to me that these people were totally off the hook and disconnected  from reality in some way.  And that is how I wrote it. When in fact, they were not disconnected from reality at all. Their reality of daily life and our reality of daily life are totally different!

The first key here is that , as the uncle stated so emphatically, they are Chechen. And that part I heard but didn’t understand at the time what the implications were. The declarations of “conspiracy” and “set up” were voiced repeatedly. I heard that but again I did not understand why. And subsequently labeled them off the hook. One of the prime elements that caused this enlightening came from a couple of sources.This one is an article on Buzzfeed titled Why Chechens Think The Tsarnaev Brothers Were Framed

“They are ascribing to America things that are familiar to them at home,” Satter told BuzzFeed Friday, of the sort of incident that fringe lunatics in the United States claim as “false flag” attacks and that Russians call “provocations.” “It’s not surprising that people have reacted that way,” he [David Satter] said.

Indeed, Tsarnaeva cited her experience back home in making her strange intimations of conspiracy. “I am used to being set up. Before I left former Soviet Union countries, that’s how I lived,” she said.

So I must rethink how I perceive the rants and raves of family of the Tsarnaev brothers. While their feeling of loss is real their concepts and perception of how we do business here is totally off. Maret Tsarnaeva, this is a hell of a way to find out just how the wheels of justice move here. I truly hope that as this plays out and more of the evidence is presented they may be in for a very rude awakening as to what the boys were really up to while they were away in the old country.


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