Facebook and getting old

facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

Damn! It’s cool be be old!

Been there, Done that , Got the T-shirt! But with that all said, Facebook, and the rest of the social media for that matter, play a  still larger feature in the world as we know it. And for the younger generation [ I love using that now!] it has become an integral part of their culture. And here I am blogging about it! One of the latest phenomenon has been the right of potential employers to check out your social site traffic. While I am not a proponent of this, it is a fact that anything you post on the internet and the social media is public, unless otherwise set. So with common sense set aside, if you are going to put stuff on the net , stand by, anyone… including potential employers can see it. Even if you don’t let him/her see your account, if you are out there they will find you. And this includes ex’s and previous partners.

Getting a friend request on Facebook is usually exciting, but there is one notable exception. When that request comes from a boss or manager, a majority of workers say they are uncomfortable in accepting it.

Workers have good reason to have those feelings. That’s because nearly 1 in 3 employees say they know of a person who has been reprimanded for inappropriate postings on Facebook, research by Fierce Inc., found. That research also found that 40 percent of employees engage in inappropriate communications with co-workers on Facebook, including everything from gossiping to flirting.

See the full article here

So you might want to temper what you post on the web before you do it. Me!? I really don’t care. I am old enough that what I speak is my mind. And none of these things that I comment or write about are great mysteries. But for my younger friends … read and heed! Don’t say i didn’t warn you and I don’t beliueve that what I say on the web has a whole lot of impact . But I am adding my voice to the others out there and maybe it will make some sense to someone.


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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