HE is NOT the reason for the season! The Solstice is! Assshat!

English: Flying Spaghetti Monster, blinking
English: Flying Spaghetti Monster, blinking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once again where at that time of the year where the Christians and pagans, and various other denominations all have some sort of celebration going on. Sadly the Chritians have a very misguided notion that HE [Jesus] is the reason for the season. Well, unfortunately the solstice parties have been going on for  a whole lot longer than that. They happened to grab on to them and try to give them a twist in their favor. As usual they seem to be just fine with that. And once again I must point out a simple fact. Before the birth of this claimed prophet what were most of them? Not Christian, didn’t exist! Mostly pagans! Did I say that? Yep! Pagans!

As for the season… well… all I have to say is take away all the pagan trimmings and what do you get? Well, no decorated trees, no mistletoe, no gift giving, no gathering with neighbors. Basically a boring day of heading to the church a singing stuff. Well, you are there with your other believers, I guess that is worth something.

So, as for the rest of us, we will be giving and getting gifts while gathered around the tree and trimmings with our friends and partying our butts off! You are free to join in just leave the religious drivel at home and

Come over and PARTY LIKE A PAGAN!

And , Yes, even those of us that are Pastafarians [Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster] will be there. We don’t hold any grudges. But we do know a good party when we see it!


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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