Computer Room / Den Redo – Part 2

It’s been a grueling couple of days but I got most of it done!

The room is repainted in the Prairie Grass green.All the windows have had all new trim and moldings. And the display / chair rail is in and functional. And I must say that it looks way better and now I can put in some of my CarDeco furniture to spice it up! My 4 cylinder coffee table may have a new home!

So with all that has been said I will give you a quick peek at what has been done.

Now thje display / chair rail feature that I put in and that I am mentioning was inspired by a picture I found on the web looking for trim ideas. My version was simply two sections of simple door casing trim glued and screwed in an L configuration. Then it was installed like ordinary chair rail. Simple an effective!

So, I do have some finish trim work to do. Pinning and filling all the molding nail holes. And there is a possibility of a color change to the rail. Dunno yet. So for now this is it. Hope you like it. If not well WhatEver!

Dinner time has arrived. Ending for the day. My hands are done for a bit too. Toodles! Later Tater! Bye Bye for now!


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