Ladies! Get a wallet! Or something.


And NO! I don’t want to put your phone anywhere near my face!

One more time I am going to attack the subject of women who insist on carrying their money and cell phones in their “lady pockets”.[Bra – for those of you that don’t get it. At least I hope there is a bra involved.]

Being in the retail business I unfortunately have the daily luck to deal with the female patrons. And it is getting to be a daily occurrence for them to reach into their bra for money and then hand it to me. And I have to handle it like it was no big thing. Ladies, let me put it to you this way. I see it as the same thing as me reaching into my skivvies and retrieving my money for you. The difference is mine involves a police report and handcuffs while yours is just “fine and dandy!” Since I don’t know you from Eve I have no idea where or what has been there in your “storage location” before me! And when it has been as warm as it has been in most parts of the country it makes for a very interesting condition of the money and whatever else is in there.

And before you get all uppity with me about this, I have heard, and read, about all the “reasons” to make this a common practice. Security, bag snatching, no pockets, and half a bazillion others! That doesn’t make it any better Folks. I find it personally offensive and disgusting! The really sad part about this whole scenario is that they, the women in question, think this is just frickin fine! How disgusting is that?!

And let me say THIS about THAT! Money ain’t the only thing they are storing in the “boobie bag”! It don’t get no better than having one of these female patrons reach into their “pocket” and produce a cell phone. They then proceed to dial it up and then …… hand it to me to talk to the other party! And I am supposed to just take it, put it up to my ear and casually converse with whoever. What frickin planet says this is OK? It makes me want to rub the cell phone on my nether region before handing it back to them! But once again, referring back to the police report and handcuffs thing I can’t do that. But I damn sure want to!

I will never, let me repeat that, NEVER be comfortable with this practice and will continue to refuse to talk on any phone presented in that fashion. The money thing I don’t have a real good solution for that, but still find it disgusting.

Anyone else having a problem with this? Or is it just me?

Note: Just a hypothetical question….. exactly where do they put it when they are swimming? I am just a quizzical kind of guy. I can only make a guess here. And that really gives me the shivers! BzeroB




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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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