Does Detroit need people like Malik Shabazz?

“Minister” Malik Shabazz is part of the problem. A big part! But also could just as well be part of the solution. You can’t have it both ways! Can you?

Metro Times – News Views: A new breed of Panther.

Let me say up front that while I don’t agree with his revolutionary thinking I do agree with his aggressive activities in and around Detroit. If coupled with other activists and organizations Detroit will survive. A bit bruised and a bit leaner but it will survive. It always does.

With all its problems and the looming specter of a state financial manager it gets increasingly obvious, to me at least, that it could actually survive, and return to it’s prior glory as the “Motor City” if it weren’t for people like “Minister” Shabazz making circus spectacles of any event that fits his New Black Panther Nation/New Marcus Garvey Movement agenda of spouting “white supremacy” at every turn. In this case during a town meeting on the cities financial problems.

This is white on black crime,” community activist and Minister Malik Shabazz said from a microphone during public comment. “This is white supremacy. Before you can take over our city, we will burn it down.

At first sight and sound my reaction to the news clip was one of moral outrage. Could this guy actually be saying this as a spokesman for the citizens of Detroit? I must say it was a spectacular outburst that will no doubt get some media attention. And I know this is a heated issue but white supremacy?

Burn down the city? I guess that’s one solution! What’s left of the million plus residents of a burned out shell of a city would have someone like Shabazz to thank for having no home or business in the former Detroit wasteland. Oh! Wait! NO CITY! Oops! My bad! And I am sure he will be more than resourceful enough to get it rebuilt with … what? The other guys funding or a government handout? Pleeese. His splinter party and their rhetoric is funded by a BBQ sale. Why don’t the people of Detroit see these so called “community activists” for what they are. Media hounds!

Burn down the city? I guess the simple oversight of Detroit having had over 4 decades of black mayors. I guess the fact that Detroit evolved and survived many years of black leadership by the likes of Coleman Young [20 years] and Quami Kilpatrick [6 years]. Both black and both nefarious figures in Detroit history. Split by a couple of terms by another black mayor, Dennis Archer. How come now, under Bing, who is also black, it is a “white supremacy” issue? How about accepting the fact that while Young and Kilpatrick seemingly helped Detroit they also helped themselves, and their cronies, to bilk the city of millions of dollars in assets. In my opinion, they created the death spiral of Detroit to it’s current state of affairs. Kinda hints of black on black crime to me. Couple that with the unfortunate but forgotten fact that because Detroit is predominantly black, the overwhelming number of crimes are black on black! Doesn’t fit the agenda but is a stark reality. Not “white supremacy” in my opinion.

But could they actually be part of the solution? Maybe.

There is an upside to his inflammatory rhetoric. An upside?! Well, yes, actually, he has been an engine in Detroit and surrounding communities to assist with some of the pressing issues with community decay. Drugs and crime. Is he loud? Yes! Is he vocal? Yes! Can he get things moving or done as a “community activist”? Yes! Do I believe in his culturally divisive views? No! But, in my opinion, he can be an engine for Detroits’ survival if he could tone down the “white supremacy” rhetoric by asserting some “black supremacy” leadership in a mostly black Detroit!

Having grown up in Detroit in the 50’s and 60’s I must say I have a personal affinity for it. It was a great city. And having survived the riots of the late 60’s to see it return was great. Unfortunately after returning to the area in the early 80’s I chose to land in the outer fringes of the city. The city even with all it’s flaws has always had it’s strong figures. And now is when it needs them the most. Not as inflammatory agents of destruction but as vocal agents of positive change! Leave the politics and personal views aside.

In times of need, help can often come from the most unlikely of places. Detroit is a city with exceptional challenges, many of which the government has been ineffective at combating. But controversial minister Malik Shabazz, the black nationalist who has nurtured and energized the New Black Panther Nation/New Marcus Garvey Movement for 15 years now, says he has exceptional solutions. A jack-of-all-trades community activist, Shabazz organizes everything from youth empowerment workshops in schools to food and clothing drives to voter registration. But the revolutionary also does more dangerous jobs, jobs typically thought of as work for the city police department. Alongside other Marcus Garvey Movement members, Shabazz sniffs out and confronts drug dealers, inspects suspect business operations, provides security at public parks, and searches for suspected criminals.
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With all that being said, even though I get greatly agitated when someone throws out “white supremacy” during a crisis that involves mostly black participants, I believe that “Minister” Shabazz should be looking for ways to stabilize the Detroit community during these upcoming hard times. His continued efforts are actually needed now and should be channeled into helping the community survive this hardship.

As a follow up sidebar- The Black Panthers offering a bounty for George Zimmerman won’t help any black/white community relations in any way. Just an opinion!

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5 thoughts on “Does Detroit need people like Malik Shabazz?”

  1. Is my skill set needed or even wanted in The 313 anymore or is it all just dust in the wind? Tierd!!! U tell me

    1. I my honest opinion.. Yes! With the dire straights that the city is in it makes a case for any, and all, might I say “characters” to be involved in this daunting task of bringing the City of Detroit back from the brink of disaster. It will happen but the energy that it takes is going to have to be a community effort. Not just a few. Will there be opposing views? Of course! Will it be a bad thing? No! Some times it makes you rethink your opinion. sir, I believe you are a very needed component to this resurrection. While I don’t agree with all of your political/religious views I believe that you are indeed a value to Detroit.

  2. Thank you we should talk sometime if you agree Dialog my number is 313 646 3375 I think that you might find me 2 be more well rounded & universal than what the so called mainstream media portrays me as

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