Do we need to regulate walking and texting?

Texting on a qwerty keypad phone

Well, not really. But these asshats with the phone in one hand and not paying attention to what they are doing, driving or walking, need to get a grip because they are pissing the rest of us off! And this one is from my home state, Michigan! But please take note: She was from Indiana! Need I say more!?

Texting while walking claims another victim, woman falls off pier

As reported by an ABC news affiliate in South Bend, Indiana, a woman named Bonnie Miller fell into a river connected to Lake Michigan while she was attempting to walk along a pier and send a text message at the same time. Miller was strolling along the pier with her family and realized that she had to correct an appointment time via a text message. As she was writing the text message, Miller didn’t pay attention to how close she was to the edge of the pier and ending up tripping into approximately six feet of cold water.

I have had a few close calls withh these goomba’s myself. And it is getting worse. Read the article and you will see where this is getting to be as big a problem as texting and driving. Man! Put down the device and get a life!