Delivery drivers are just plain stupid!

Hey buddy! Deliver this!

Why do these companies put up with this?

This is the movies

Ace Ventura - Delivery guy clip
Ace ventura delivers

Now after watching that really funny clip we can move on to the heart of this post.

Folks, I know this is the holidays and all. And there are a lot of packages being sent around the world. But … why do these drivers think that they are somehow over worked, because they are union, arrogant or just plain stupid? Maybe a combination of all of these? But now with 2 vids emerging on the web of asshat drivers it is becoming readily apparent, to me at least, that this may just be a small sampling of what the customers have been ranting about for years.

Let me say this about that! I am not taking on all the good, and some great, drivers for any, and all, of the delivery companies! Unfortunately the recent furor over a couple of asshats is really tough on them as well. BzeroB

This is real life, as we know it!

FedEx driver fence toss video
FedEx driver fence toss
UPS Driver finger and toss video
UPS Driver toss

After viewing this trio of vid clips it is actually a validation that real life mimics the movies. Or is it the other way around? I can’t remember. I can’t decide from these either.Now we come to the interesting part, the official responses!

The FedEx Responses

“The situation has now been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, and we are handling the employee according to our disciplinary policies…While we continue to be surprised about the behavior shown, we know this is an aberration and is not reflective of the outstanding FedEx customer service that makes us proud around the world.”

“I want you to know that I was upset, embarrassed, and very sorry for our customer’s poor experience,” said Matthew Thornton, a FedEx senior vice president. “We have met with the customer face to face and they already have a replacement monitor at no cost to them. They have accepted our apology and say they are fully satisfied with what we’ve done in response to this unacceptable delivery.”

the UPS response

“The info being passed at this time, UPS has already apologized for the incident even though they claim that they haven’t actually seen the footage yet.”

Are you serious! These guys are living under a rock! Wait Those are the GEICO guys. You are kidding UPS, right?!

It is my humble opinion that these two mullets should be on the unemployment line today! Why is it even a consideration for the parent company to keep them on? If this is on camera this time you are wanting me to believe that this is an “aberration”? I think NOT! How about this, SOP for these two guys! And the UPS guy was arrogant enough to not only know that the camera was there and still get the bird flip and toss on record. It also means he ain’t a new guy like one source claimed. Asshat! There are just too many people out there that would love to have their job! And be a lot better at it. How about the simple fact that the Corporate higher-ups had to apologize to the public at large for these two screw ups! I know I would be embarrassed.

I am sure that in the coming days there will be more published about these two vids/incidents , and many more unfortunately. I ask myself just how many more are going undocumented and those that are but don’t have video, chalked up by these companies as just disgruntled customers. Wake up FedEx and UPS!

Just one cranky old guys humble opinion! Have a great holiday, Dammit!



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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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