WalMart Black Friday Fallout

Just say NO!

Round 1 – The Pepper spray response

While you may, or may not if you live under a rock, remember all the chaos and mayhem that was reported in the news and all over the web part of the Black Friday selling frenzy whipped up by my ole’ pals at WalMart. Well, the pepper spray incident in the greater LA area has produced an interesting response. “I was protecting my children”. Well, that’s what she says.

An attorney for a woman who pepper-sprayed fellow shoppers at a Los Angeles Walmart on Black Friday says she did it to protect her teenage children.

AP article here

Now let me get this straight you take your teenage kids out to an all night camp out in order to get an Xbox. Along with how many others? And you didn’t see this coming? OK.

Now the second piece of this is from a second article that says they are going to sue WalMart. Commendable but ARE YOU KIDDING! Consider not getting your Xboxes a lesson learned! This could get real expensive darling.

Elizabeth Macias, the woman who pepper-sprayed fellow shoppers at a Porter Ranch Walmart, is considering legal action against the big box store, her attorney said Friday. Woodland Hills-based attorney Michael Champ believes Walmart failed to provide adequate security to protect his client and her two teenage children. Macias’s son and daughter were “traumatized” when shoppers attacked them on Thanksgiving evening as they tried to purchase Xbox game consoles, he said.

Second article here

Traumatized?! Be careful you may be getting yourself into a bit of child endangerment if you aren’t careful. Just me talking off the top of my head here.

“(Elizabeth) didn’t use the pepper spray to have a competitive shopping advantage,” said Champ. “She responded as any mother would.”

Ummmm…. refresh my mind here as to exactly how many of us have to even consider taking pepper spray with us on a shopping trip and have to, as the article says, respond as any mother would.!? This is totally off the hook. But I do have to say that I commend them for the effort and taking up the challenge of trying to slap WalMart for supposed misbehavior. Good luck with that!

My suggestion is if they offer you 3 Xboxes to settle, take them and GO HOME! Just a suggestion. I am sure we will all watch and see where this all ends up. Now what about the man that got shot on the east coast. Dunno.

Watch the media for the continuing story, if there is one!


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2 thoughts on “WalMart Black Friday Fallout”

  1. As usual, the legal system will probably award several thousand $$$ to shut this b—h up. Which in todays world makes it right. I hope not, but isn’t that the way things like this turn out.
    So lets go shopping on Black Friday next year. Not only can we get our gifts we may stand a chance to get a legal settlement and come out a head $$$ .

    Merry X-mas!!

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