Den stair railing project done – Finally!


My den is in the bungalow bedroom upstairs and I have had planned to get rid of a set of shelves that were on the face of it for a long time. Not that I didn’t need the shelves but that they were way outdated. While I have planned to do this for a couple of years I finally got around to it over the last couple of days.

The tear down was not really the issue but more a logistics issue of how to support the individual tongue and groove panels on the face while I remove the supporting shelves. I got the top face off no problem. I ended up running a thin shim section pinned to the top of each panel and then two smaller supports over the stairwell to stabilize it. I must say that whoever built these shelves in the early 60’s did on hell of a job! It was doweled and glued. Then face nailed to the t and g board. After some prying and pulling I was able to get it all removed. And a quick pry bar job of getting the 3 subs off the floor I ad it out of the way. I put in my new 2 by 4 frame and pinned it to the floor with some long lag screws. Then came the refacing of the framework the out face open to the stairwell was a simple job. Then I had to reface the outer section. I had managed over the years to salvage some of the original t and g panels from other updates in the house. I was actually able to recover enough to reface the outer face. A bit of judicious trimming I got a great result.

Now I have to refit the top surface. I can actually reuse most of it with some new edges and corners it should be fine. It will match the original trim. Gotta take a break. My hands are sore as hell and my knees need a break for a bit. A nice warm bath should do the trick for now. So now that I have that out of the way I may actually get some new flooring. I have sheet linoleum now and I may just replace it with some new stuff. Another project definitely for another day.


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One thought on “Den stair railing project done – Finally!”

  1. Sounds like you got it whooped, Mr. Villa!! lol.
    Can you build me a christmas tree, preferably with the optional! Take care…..PM

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