WalMart shoppers fit right in with WalMart attitudes

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It apparently doesn’t matter what coast you are on the WalMart mentality permeates into their customers. I have not liked WalMart for many years and for many reasons but now it is becoming readily apparent that the people that it attracts apparently assimilate the crap-ass attitudes that the company exudes. Now here is some excellent verification.

Violence, pepper spray mar Black Friday shopping

(Reuters) – Black Friday turned into a black mark against American shoppers as riotous crowds brawled over video games, waffle irons and towels, drawing international condemnation and even raising questions about the state of humanity.
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How much crazier can Black Friday get?

As reports of shopping-related violence rolled in this week from Los Angeles to New York, experts say a volatile mix of desperate retailers and cutthroat marketing has hyped the traditional post-Thanksgiving sales to increasingly frenzied levels. With stores opening earlier, bargain-obsessed shoppers often are sleep-deprived and short-tempered. Arriving in darkness, they also find themselves vulnerable to savvy parking-lot muggers.


You would think that after the death of one of their own employees and the injuring of a pregnant woman in a Black Friday stampede at a Long Island Walmart they would learn some sort of lesson. Think again, BuckO!
This year you have a woman in LA pepper spraying 20 others to get an edge on getting an XBox, you have a couple of major scuffles in a Detroit and an Ohio store over $1.88 towels! Towels?! If you want to see the Detroit version it can be seen on YouTube, by the way. You can also see here the utter chaos in an Arkansas WalMart over $2.00 waffe irons on YouTube here. Waffle irons!? WTF! Another has emerged of WalMart customers in Mesquite, TX literally tearing into a display of $10.00 DVD’s and games on You Tube here. Apparently a woman was almost injured in that incident. A quick search on YouTube will get you a whole pile more chaos and mayhem. Sorry, not an Allstate ad but close.

Now you tell me if this is not a setup or baiting. You be the judge. Not that many of the other major chains do similar events but with WalMarts documented mentality and mission to put any one who opposes them out of business they intentionally go to great lengths to make the prices so ridiculously low that they collect these kind of people. Then you throw in that they have been up all night camped out with lots of other WalMart fanatics things are predictably going to go off the hook.

Am I picking on WalMart? You Betcha! Inmy humble opinion they are the engine driving this buying frenzy. And once again in my humble demented opinion are just chuckling in their ivory tower at all the fanatical patrons that could care less about their neighbor but will do anything to get that prized “bargain”. Think I am off the edge?

Walmart spokesman Greg Rossiter said Black Friday 2011 was safe at most of its nearly 4,000 U.S. stores despite “a few unfortunate incidents.”

How’s that for indifference! Their claim that they can’t be accountable for the actions of non-employees is lame. They can create the atmosphere and provide the essential ingredients for chaos and then stand back and claim it was not their fault. What a pile of smolder dung! Just sayin! So with all my ranting and raving I continue with my own personal crusades. The sad part is that these WalMart incidents have lead directly to other countries labeling the US as subhumans. Is there some responsibility here? I think so. Will WalMart change their ways. I seriously doubt it. But I will continue to NOT support them.

End of rant!

Well, this one at least!


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One thought on “WalMart shoppers fit right in with WalMart attitudes”

  1. Most Black Friday specials and the “events” surrounding them truly remind me of the “I heard gas is $.10 less 15 miles from here, lets go fill-up” saying. I guess its all about the chase, one you wouldn’t find me in pursuit of!!

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