New kitchen floor is started

Just relaxin!

This week of vacating has become a time to get some serious stuff done around the house. I am currently getting after the kitchen floor. And I may even get to redoing the railing upstairs in my den. One project at a time this week. I told Faye Dean I would do it as a birthday/ holiday gift, so here I go!

After clearing out all the old defunct flooring I have a good start on the new one. A trip to my local Home Depot got a couple of cases of commercial tiles and I had some of the glue left over from the bathroom / entry landing tile job. I figured I would get the main sink area done first and then worry about finagling around the doorway trim and under the appliances. The main field went in uneventfully.

Well, sorta. During the session I got some of the adhesive on one of my shoes and rather than track it all over the place I decided to clean it off before I did. Well. while I was cleaning it off of my shoe I managed to step backwards into the same glue with my socks! Oh well! Trashed a pair of socks but Damn it! I got my shoe cleaned! The rest of the session went well, actually. So for now I have the main sink area and a major section in front of the appliances done so I can move the appliances out tomorrow and get the field laid under where they will sit.

So now with a bit of clean up I think I will treat myself to what I believe to be a well deserved Captain Morgan cocktail or two! Oh! and I got a nice Captain Morgan mug on my last pass thru the local Salvation Army stores last week along with an awesome Pierre Cardin Hawaiian shirt. [Sounds like a photo op to me!] But that’s another story. Too cold for a party on the patio so I will just crank up some Jethro Tull in the den and cruise the web for a while to relax. Maybe I will update my photo galleries on Bob’s Garage. Sounds like a plan.
Stay tuned!



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