Help wanted – Current employees need not apply

Just another chapter in the book of “What The Heck Is Going On Here”. In my continuing saga of daily observations, the latest is a series of incidents surrounding my everyday comings and goings. It has become more and more apparent lately that the placement of neophytes, untrained and unprepared, individuals in positions of management has once again gone bad. When put in an abnormal stressful scenario confusion and chaos ensued. After the fact, total mishandling due to a combination of inexperience and pure ignorance came to light. With no readily apparent skills training or use of outside management training entities, it does not surprise me at all. The trial by fire method or we’ll deal with it when it comes up method is ridiculously standard fare.

Help wanted
Help wanted

With more than a few years of experience under my belt, with 9 years of military experience and having been on both ends of the management ladder, it still escapes me as to why a major business entity would place individuals in top management positions that are grossly under skilled and ill prepared. It has become readily apparent, to me at least, that the issue of convenience and a dash of the “good ole boy” mentality have more to do with getting these positions than true quality of leadership. And when these traits are ignored in this process the outcome is pretty predictable. The current prevailing business mode is one of dollar economics, get by with what you can for less money. And usually money can be translated into seniority. Senior members are usually higher on the pay scale. And after many years working with the Germans in the European business mentality, senior people are worth more than newbies because they are experienced, proven and more productive than multiple newbies. They can hit the ground running, have more life experience and have seen many of the business scenarios first hand.

When it comes to opening up new markets with my background, training and experience, my tactic has always started with the import of my “biggest and baddest” individuals in order to present an overpowering presence to new market. I believe it is now referred to as “Shock and Awe”. Back then I called it “impressing the crap out of them”. In the mean time I back filled these positions with the newbies. And once the market had stabilized then did a swap out and turned the helm over to the newly trained guys and sent the others back to their home sites. It has always confused me that in more than one corporation that the chant and banter was “we promote our own” and “we appreciate our employees” or something along that line. And yet, more often than not, it is an outsider that gets the job. And it’s not a far reach for those individuals to be recent rejects from other players in the same business sector. And by filling a whole new location with these outsiders appears, to me at least, to be a recipe for a future problem that will have to be addressed. And it really doesn’t help the morale and loyalty issues of the current employees at all. Despite many so-called management training positions, without any publicity or calls for volunteers or recommendations. This really is a stick in the eye of the corporates training sequence and truth of purpose. I always gave my own the first shot at these positions. Seems you would like a trained insider than a newbie outsider. Unless we bring up the “good ole boy” scenario. More than one incident in many corporations has smacked of that possibility. And when there are published guidelines with the qualifications for these positions why on earth would you blatantly ignore these in order to put “your guy” in there. Kinda makes the whole guidebook in question and if you can just do what the hell you want, guidelines be damned, brings one to ask “who is really running this ship?”

In conclusion of this episode, I am vocalizing over what I am seeing, hearing and reading on a daily basis. It is unsettling to say the least, but it continues to be an issue. And in these days and times I believe it should work better but a lot of time and effort [money] is being expended in correcting things that should be dictated by common sense but because of the interference of bean counters and personal agendas, it is going into the dumpster.

Am I the only one seeing this?


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