Kinda like getting poked with a stick

Just a followup note from being out in the sun on Saturday at the Billetproof show in Ypsilanti MI with Steve. The show is pre-65 no billet rat rod show and I must say I had an awesome time. The sun, my son, the people and of course, the cars is a real motivator. I was pretty sure I would see some great ideas to incorporate in my own project and sure enough, they were there. It was also a motivator with the point being, as Steve was so kind to point out, I needed to quit being such a nit picker and get the mechanicals lined out, get it up and running and let the body be for now. He also pointed out that it was actually better than some that were there. I had to agree with him. And to top it of, a 54 Ford was there that had a very similar layout (engine, trans, rear end) to mine. And the choice for a shifter was identical also. An extended conversation and some looking around netted some excellent info and details. All in all, I must say that between the sunshine, my sons insights and the cars I got a more pointed view of what has to get done. Now if I can pull it off. Heading back into the shop to get back at it. Brakes and fuel lines are the prime project and the wiring harness is ready to go in! Stay tuned!


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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