It’s really Eostre. But why quibble!

Before there were Christians there were Pagans. All early Christians were converted Pagans. Deal with it! Beware of Christians that celebrate Pagan rituals. Kind of funny , Ain’t it?? They love to party with us but afterwards keep trying to convince us that they are the true believers.

As the early church tried to convert the Pagans, it adapted the Old Religion’s traditions into Christianity in order to facilitate attaining its goal.
Ostara is also called Eostre and much of our Easter traditions are based on those of this Pagan Fire Festival. When the early Christians set out to convert the Pagans, they discovered conversion was easier if they adopted Pagan customs and traditions. Easter is tied into Ostara because it is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal or spring equinox.
Rabbits are symbols of fertility. According to Stephanie and Philip Carr-Gomm, rabbit also signifies intuition, rebirth, promise, fulfillment, and balance. It is the Goddess’ creature and represents the Moon, night and dawn. It is also associated with abundance, rebirth and release.
Eggs symbolize fertility. In the mid 1900s, children would get rabbits and chicks as gifts for Easter. The cock, in Celtic tradition, has connections to the Underworld. The bird drove off the evil night spirits and ghosts by crowing at dawn.

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