Almost ready for paint

Trim gone and ready for new casing
Trim gone and ready for new casing
Yesterday was a day off, well, from work at work, but not at home.While it was nice outside I decided on an inside day.
Spent the day yesterday doing a whole bunch of final prep on our bedroom. Am ready for the ceiling paint to go on. Got all the walls pretty much ready. Found a few more flaws on the wipe down. An old phone jack entry and a hairline in the plaster under a window sill but no biggie. All the new window fillers are cut and in and primed. All the old edges around the windows and doors where the trim had been painted in place a zillion times are all cut down and smoothed in. The cloud line trim has been removed and filled. I have the window stools cut and primed and the new config for the window trim has an oversized header to support a cloth trimmed valence and shade.
AS usual I had to bail early in the afternoon cause me hands weren’t taking well to all the stress. So it was time to clean up, put away the tools and do something way less stressful like look at color combos. And some Captain Morgan! After mulling over my color choices I ran them by Faye Dean and we settled on a color that was just a shade off from my main choice. That was easy! And yes there is still some neon in the mix. Still working on the layout.
Stay tuned!


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