Detroit News Bends Over For Advertiser?

It has come to light that one of the Detroit News Auto “critics” has resigned after he wrote a less than glowing review of the NEW Chrysler 200. This car, and all the hype behind it, are supposed to be the new flagship car for Chrysler. According to this review it was better than its previous self, the Sebring, but not anywhere near its competition. It appears that after publishing the printed version a yet to be identified “advertiser” asked that it be toned down. And so, Presto! Chango! We now have a new online version “because we were uncomfortable with some of the language in the original.

2011 Chrysler 200 falls short of the competition
Chrysler had its hands full when it took on redesigning the midsize Sebring and creating the 200. It was a marvelous effort – one of monumental proportions. Through years of abuse, the Sebring had become the rented punch line for a brand considered a joke. But then came the Super Bowl, the ad, and a shift in consumer thinking about luxury, Detroit and Chrysler. The hardest steel, the hottest fire. What? That’s the 200?
** The full article on Jalopnik

The Jalopnik post indicates what was editorially massaged after the written publication.

If you compare the 200 to any of the mainstream midsize competition — not the luxury brands it is purported to go up against — all of them outshine the 200.
** See the Detroit News Published review here.

Any wagers as to the “unnamed advertiser” being directly in the grips of the Chrysler family of products? It will be an interesting follow-up to see if this is the only bad review of this car. We will all be watching to see if others have the same opinion or if they are at the opposite end of the pool. If they all agree with the bad review it will, in my opinion, give the Detroit News a black eye editorially. And the NEW Chrysler will be a bully! And simply put, the NEW Chrysler just may have mucked up in their haste to recover.
It’s unfortunate that we have to temper our review results because it might offend someone. I thought that is what the review or evaluation was all about! And you would think that someone like Chrysler would more extensively research the competitors vehicles before proclaiming a new contender. Let alone a new flagship model. If this is the only bad review no biggie but if all the reviews agree then that’s a problem. Gee! Like the auto makers haven’t made some remarkably bad design and production mistakes in the past! So why should that be a thing of the past?
We will see! Look for yourself and you be the judge!


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