Mm! Mm! Mm! Toasty!

New Carrier Heat and Air
New Carrier Heat and Air

Well to go along with the redo of the old room trim we decided to go ahead an upgrade or ancient belt driven furnace to a modern high efficiency unit. And … (Wait For It!) .. Air Conditioning! This house never had AC so out with the old and in with the new. It will be way more effective than our old heat only unit and we can even get an energy credit from both our local power company and the feds. Great! A twofer! A total Carrier system is going in at this time. We have a highly recommended and very competent local company, Family Heating and Cooling, doing the install so it should all be done in two days time.

The new unit is a lot more compact than the old one and amazingly quiet. So we will be a bit more snug for the coming winter weather and may be much more comfy during the summer months. Not that being down in the dungeon / basement really makes for a lot of noise issues, it can hang out with the other mechanical friends, the water heater , washer, dryer, well the usual stuff.

So with all that said we will let the guys finish up today and give it a spin during the overnight hours. Updates at a later date if they are needed.


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