Chryslers Letters For Lyrics Campaign

Despite all the bad press of late Chysler does have some redeeming values. And I do have to take a step back from being so critical of them. Their Operation Homefront services are impressive. I applaud their participation. Well done, gentlemen!!

After all the bad press I have given to Chrysler recently for its’ asshat employees I must say the news of another campaign Sponsored by Chrysler in collaboration with the Zack Brown Band and Soldiers Angels puts a much better light on them . Ram Truck Brand and Zac Brown Band Launch ‘Letters for Lyrics’ National Letter-Writing Campaign to U.S. Soldiers

• Write a letter and receive a “Breaking Southern Ground” CD featuring three all-new songs from Zac Brown Band
• Goal to deliver 1 million letters to U.S. soldiers stationed across the world
• All U.S. Ram Truck dealerships will serve as collection points and provide letter-writing stations
• Letters to be collected at Zac Brown Band Concerts
• Soldier’s Angels to deliver letters to U.S. Troops on behalf of the Ram Truck Brand and Zac Brown Band
• Exclusive documentary-style footage of Zac Brown Band’s USO tour directed by Darren Doane to debut on RAM Truck Brand’s Letter for Lyrics site

I support it wholeheartedly and will participate. Hope you will too. Check it out and “jump in it!”


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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