Koran Burning or US Flag Burning.. Fury from Both Continents!

After seeing and hearing all the recent press about some previously unknown religious fanatic in Florida planning to burn Korans in protest, now we have a protest in Afghanistan protesting this event over here.
Reuters news
It totally amazes me that because the US is the land of open rights someone like this “Reverend” Jones can get tons of press over something that he knows will infuriate Muslim followers, but is allowed to do so, and then to have this event predictably trigger a knee-jerk reaction in Afghanistan is in my humble opinion annoying at best. With the Afghans now chanting the age old standby of “Death to America” and a new twisted version, just for this occasion, “Death to Christians”. This coupled with the controversial news of a planned mosque on or near the 9/11 site really makes me wonder about the motivations of both sides, Christian and Muslim, to attempt to peacefully coexist. Both sides are allowing the radical factions to use them as political tools with no fallout. The religious fanatics on both sides seem to get their jollies from jumping in at will to rekindle and infuriate both parties.
It does make me an even more staunch believer in the theory that religion has out lived it’s usefulness as a social director and been transformed into a tool to create hate, discontent and political unrest. At this time in the worlds history more people are dying and suffering due to religious conflicts on every continent. These are the same religions that appear on my doorstep and in the media to preach “fire and brimstone” to me and out of the other side of their mouth claim peace, love and understanding. If the majority of the followers of all major religions are for the most part followers of their chosen teachers then how is it that these same religions allow these radical elements to make their press for them? Makes the rest of them look really bad!
I am really agitated and becoming more and more disenchanted with the concept of religion as a whole. Really tired of the endless hypocritical vocalizations about how we should all believe in some particular followings that ALL have the same core document that lays down guidelines for peace and understanding for your fellow man. But apparently are willing to kill for their right to believe!
Just one mans opinion!


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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