Navy SEALS 3 – Somali Pirates 0

English: somali pirates at large
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Navy SEALS 3 – Somali Pirates 0

3 shots – 3 kills!! The rescue of the US ship captain from Somali Pirates makes me cheer for being a Navy veteran.  SEALS take out 3 pirates at about 100 yards was like swatting flies. Great job!! The remaining pirates are ranting  about retaliation. Say what??!!

This ship scenario is actually pretty cool because the crew actually repelled the pirates attempted take over but not before they took the captain into a lifeboat  as a hostage.  Exactly where were they thinking to go??? And since the ship is of US registry it is soverign property. Bang!! Your dead!! Like we don’t have enough military issues these guys decide to “poke the tiger in the side” and thought they would not get hurt. We are a bit cranky and touchy right now. Bad decision!  Go Navy!! Even the president signed off on the use of deadly force so it is said. Thank You Mr. Obama!

A recent  NPR broadcast about the Somali pirates presented the view that the pirates are just trying to make some money in a country that has a failed government and economy.  Not the drug trade but still a bad choice. Piracy has always been dealt with harshly for centuries.  Not any different now.

Once again a Navy veteran who is proud to say Go Navy! BzeroB


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I am an aging American Navy veteran with some very pointed and acidic opinions. Feel free to heed the warning and read on.

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