Prepping For The Winter Solstice

This year the winter solstice is Dec21 at noon. Alban Arthan [Light of Winter] the Neo-Druid pagan celebration will encompass the other christian appropriated holidays. Not just a random coincident! Traditionally on that night you throw down scraps of material of items that symbolize things that have been holding us back during the previous year. Also decorating with evergreens, the hanging of mistletoe and passing out packages to the needy. Kind of sounds like the Christmas and New Years thing maybe!? It is also fact that the early christians banned misletoe because of it’s association with the Druids. But they were arrogant enough to move the childs birthday celebration to coincide with the traditional long standing celebration of the winter solstice. How thoughtfull.

Associated festivals of Wren Day or Mummers Day are traditionally celebrated on Dec 26. There is something for everyone this time of year. Enjoy the day, whatever you call it!!!

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