First you create the crisis in Seattle

Then you can create jobs to “manage” your crisis! How cool is that?! And you can add half a million in salaries to your budget while doing it. How about putting that into the crisis Bozo?

In April 2016, I told you how the embattled Seattle Mayor Ed Murray decided to tackle the severe homelessness crisis in Seattle. He hired a “homelessness czar” to “lead and align efforts across City departments, provide oversight and evaluation of data and outcomes, provide strategic guidance on developing policy and protocols, and lead external engagement and […]

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Obamas “clock boy” gets a slap down

After all the huhbub has subsided you then play the “I’m oppressed” card and flee the country, then sue. Finally calm, reason and common sense have prevailed. Nice try but your still a jerk!

Good. From Fox News: A federal court has thrown out the civil rights lawsuit filed by the family of the Texas teenager known as “Clock Boy.” The lawsuit alleged that the city of Irving and Irving school district discriminated against Ahmed Mohamed at Irving MacArthur High School in September of 2015. Mohamed, a Muslim teenager who […]

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Yale and Harvard the new toilets of “higher” education!

Keep up the good work ASSHATS!

I’m not offended by her words. It’s just the standard hypocrisy from liberals that one expects. From NY Post: A dean at Yale University who championed cultural sensitivity has apologized for her “insensitive” Yelp reviews of restaurants, gyms and movie theaters, including hot takes on what “white trash” customers would find tasty and employees she blasted […]

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Once again … it’s WalMart!

A federal court judge has approved a $7.5 million settlement between Walmart and current and former employees who claimed that the the retailer unfairly discriminated against them by denying health benefits to their same-sex spouses. The lead plaintiff in the case, a Massachusetts woman who began working at Walmart in 1999, said she repeatedly attempted…

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